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you take what you take
21 December 2014 @ 01:34 am

Hello! This journal is 95% friends only so when I mention something about my personal life, I'll lock my entry (unless I feel that what I wrote is not a big deal, then, it will be public). General opinion and flailing will also be always public.

If we have things in common or if you just want to read all my entries, add me.

you take what you take
13 October 2010 @ 07:02 pm

"Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping beauty let her whole life pass by, Belle fell in love with a beast, Pocahontas risked her life for a feast, Jasmine could have had anyone but she chose a poor man, and Ariel, she walked on land."

So many people dislike fairytales because it makes us believe in love. Believe that a prince will swoop down and save us when something goes wrong. But I’ve come to realise that in every fairytale-like movie, every girl took a risk. Took a risk for love. Took a risk in the name of love. 

So, how do we know if our own fairytale won’t really happen if we don’t try. How will we know if we stop believing in love? 

I know it’s hard for some of you to put down their guard and to learn to trust someone else sometimes. I know because I’ve been through it. People like us, we distance ourselves from people we genuinely like just because we are afraid to get hurt. But does building up these walls ultimately saves us from hurting? 

It doesn’t.

We’ve got to know that these people, the people we are blocking out because of our own insecurities, will leave someday too. Leave for something better. Everyone will cause you pain and hurt and tears, but you have to decide who’s worth it. And when you make that decision, happiness will come to you. 


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you take what you take
17 May 2010 @ 11:02 pm






can I have a larger font please?

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you take what you take
12 January 2010 @ 03:52 am
Saia, converse, beba e acorde de ressaca.
Estude, cale-se, fale depois, ouça e abrace.
Tenha amigos, ex-namorada e alguém pra olhar enquanto o dia passa.
Fume, durma, cante, dance, jogue. E pare quando quiser parar.
Leia livros, escute músicas.. ainda que te lembrem que você tem
Sonhe mais. Beba mais. Arrisque. Pense. Siga. Queira.
Entregue-se e roube-se de volta. Devolva.
Não considere pessoas como inimigas, não odeie. Esqueça.
Engane os pais, discuta, peça desculpas e se arrependa.
Toque guitarra, ame mais, machuque menos. Brinque. Bata.
Faça sexo, faça amor. Perca o ar, acorde com dor nas costas.
Desaponte. Desponte-se e una-se de novo.
Perdoe. Descanse. Acorde.
E comece tudo de novo.


eu sei que já faz 12 dias since o ano novo mas eu só consegui entrar aqui agora. besides, o que vale é a intenção!
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you take what you take
11 December 2009 @ 11:14 am

There are moments in our lifes, that we miss someone so badly that all we want is take that person of our dreams and hug them. Dream with what you want, go to where you want to. Be what you wanna be, because you only have one life, and we only have one chance to do all we want. Have happines to make it better, difficulties to make it strong, sadness to make it human and hope enough to make it happy. The happiest people aren't the ones who have the best stuff, but the ones who enjoy the best of everything that comes along their way. Happiness lies for those who cry, for those who get hurt, for those who search and always try and most important: for those who recognize the importance of people who are and have been in their lives. The brighter future is based on an intensely lived past. You will only succeed in life when you forgive the mistakes and disappointments of the past.. life is short, but emotions can last forever.

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